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Gem Ceramic sells kilns, both for residential and business use.

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All your pottery needs can be found in one convenient place.

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Choose from our wide selection of glazes for your pottery project!

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Gem Ceramic Mold Co.

Gem Ceramic, headlined in Lancaster County PA, saw a need for a comprehensive glaze and pottery shop and decided to fulfill it. For years, we have been supplying people in Central PA with kilns, clay and slip, glaze, pottery, and clay for their own at-home projects or for commercial and industrial use. Ceramics is our business, and we are more than happy to talk to you about your needs and make sure that we can fulfill them, whether you’re looking for molds or clays. Call our shop directly at (717)336-2798.

If you’re looking to start pottery or ceramics for the first time and aren’t sure where to start, you’re also more than welcome to come to Gem Ceramics and talk to any member of our staff. We can show you what equipment you will need to start, how to use it,, and show you some of our finished projects. We love to help our customers. Not only do we carry the materials you need; we make sure if we don’t carry them that we order them for you so you’re always prepared for your ceramics or pottery project.

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