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Helping Lancaster, Berks, and Lebanon artists get the clay and pottery supplies they need when they need it.
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We stock high-quality pottery clay, clay supplies
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high-fire and low-fire hobbyist, professional pottery studios, educational organizations, and more.

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Want to know where to buy pottery clay & Supplies?

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Proud Distributor of Standard Ceramics, Pittsburg, PA.

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We stock over 20 types of earthenware and stoneware clays in various low, medium, and high cones and come colors such as red, white, and brown. These high-quality clay bodies that are excellent for throwing, hand-building, sculpting, and any in many other diverse and creative ways. These clay bodies work very well with most commercial glazes available on the market.

Pre-mixed, Wet Clay

We stock boxes and bags of ready-to-use, pre-mixed clays with cone temps of Low-fire, Mid-Fire, High-fire in various colors and bodies by Standard Ceramics, Pittsburg, PA.

Casting Slips

For ceramic artists that work with molds, we have the slip and supplies you need to keep the production flowing. Contact us for more information

Raw Materials

In addition to pre-mixed clay bodies and casting slips we also carry a wide selection of raw materials including dry clay bodies, additives, and glaze materials. Contact us or visit our shop to see our selection.

Get The Right materials when you need them.

Working with clay is such a unique experience, but we know having the right materials can make all the difference.
You shouldn’t have to travel half a day to get the goods you need. So whether you’re a Lancaster-based professional potter, a home-studio artist living in Lebanon, hobbyist from Harrisburg, a teacher from Marietta, or student Millersville we want to see you carry on this traditional trade for in a way that’s fun and rewarding.

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Bulk Discounts

Contact Us if you are planning on purchasing a large amount of clay, slip, or other materials, or call us today at (717) 336-2798 or email us to see if you apply for our bulk order discounts.

Special Orders

Looking for something special, as a distributor for Standard and other ceramic vendors, we can order the clays and materials you need at affordable prices. Shipping may take up 2-3 weeks depending on the size and weight of the order and the time of year. Call us today at  (717) 336-2798 or email us to place an order.

Local Delivery

For local pottery studios or organizations that are ordering larger quantities of materials, not only do we offer bulk pricing, but we will work with you to deliver your materials on site. Call us today at (717) 336-2798 or email us to inquire about delivery services.

Being a potter isn’t for the faint of heart.

That's why at Gem Ceramic we do all we can to help you with your craft by stocking the high and low fire clays you need to continue throwing, sculpting, forming, and molding.

For over 20 years we have served Lancaster, Lebanon, Berks Counties, and beyond for all your ceramic and pottery needs. We continue to be eager to help you get the right clay and supplies for your wares and projects.

Located in Denver, PA by Route 222 – Instead of paying costly shipping feels with long delivery times, or traveling hours to pick up the clay you need, we are conveniently located in Denver, PA only 5 minutes from the Denver PA turnpike entrance and Route 222.

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