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The possibilities of glaze are endless. Glaze is both beautiful and can turn an ordinary piece of pottery into a masterpiece or a functional piece for your kitchen. Glaze is used for:

  • Color— Once an under layer has been applied to the piece and fused into place by use of a kiln, you are now ready to color your pottery, if you so choose. Glazes come in many different colors, many of which we offer at Gem Ceramic.
  • Decoration— You don’t need to make your piece of pottery a solid color; you can instead decorate it in a pattern or a texture by the use of glaze.
  • Strengthening— Glaze is applied to a piece of pottery and then placed into a kiln to harden. While the clay itself is hardening, the glaze is also hardening and fusing to the clay, strengthening it an extra degree. This is especially useful for pieces you intend to use fir everyday use (as is the case for jars, pitches, bowls, etc.)
  • Waterproof— This is especially for any item you intend to hold water. Clay, by itself, is in rather porous and not ideal for holding any type of liquid. Glazing the piece and then hardening it puts a protective seal around the clay making it virtually watertight.

Glaze is applied by airbrush or by hand, depending on how you are using it. For intricate designs, you would need a variety of brushes that we provide. If you’re simply trying to cover the whole piece, an airbrush would serve you better. No matter what you need, Gem Ceramic will make sure we have it or we order it for you so you can create and protect your ceramic or pottery masterpiece.

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