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About Us

For over 43 years, Gem Ceramic Mold Company has been supplying ceramists and potters with quality products and knowledge. The business was established in 1971 by Wilmer and Arlene Martin. They produced plaster molds for casting ceramics. In the process of doing trade shows, they began to purchase products from other manufacturers, thus becoming a distributor for molds and other ceramic supplies. In 1975, they moved the business to its present location in Denver, Pennsylvania.

In 1995, their son Roger took over the business. Today, the business continues to sell molds, slip, clay, kilns, and many other supplies. Gem Ceramic Mold Company provides excellent customer service and quality products for the industry.

If you need supplies for your ceramics or pottery project, call us directly at (717) 336-2798.

We sell both locally and nationally. 
Contact us at 717-336-2798 or email us at